Simply Happy cards was created with one mission to give people a meaningful way to celebrate the everyday moments of life. 

My cards are inspired by my personal life including friendship, love, motherhood (dogs/humans/plants, all of the above!), celebrating big life changes, and much more! There’s a little something for everyone to relate to.

Our cards and stickers feature simple, purposeful designs. This allows the message inside to have that much more emphasis. These moments are anything but generic, so your card shouldn’t be either.

Our goal is to create cards and stickers suitable for any and all occasions because there’s always a reason to share one with someone 💗

All cards & stickers are shipped from Dallas, TX.

I'm Megan Powell and I'm the creator of Simply Happy Cards. I'm married, am a boy mom to one and a dog mom to a silver lab. I am a full time UX designer at a health and wellness software company and run this card business on the side. In my free time I love to travel, workout, and spend time with my family and friends!

I have always been a creative person. I can remember getting very excited about arts and crafts from a young age. After college, I found myself in corporate America in a job that offered very little creativity and I knew I needed to find a creative outlet. In May 2020, when I was making a birthday card for one of my friends I thought, 'I wonder if I could sell these?'. Shortly after that I started Simply Happy Cards. I’ve always enjoyed drawing and lettering so making greeting cards was a great fit.

Featured in: Dallas Morning News | Canvas Rebel | Alura